Servo Drive Table Up Broaching Machine Tripod Bearing

Servo Drive Table Up Broaching Machine Tripod Bearing


With 5 ton broaching force and 1000 mm stroke, which is suitable for making internal spline or keyway. The broaching is done with table-up motion, the tool is fixed during cutting process. The operator can stand on the ground to load the workpiece without stairs. Comparing with hydraulic broaching machines, the size of the table-up broaching machine is smaller, there is no power consumption when the machine is idle. Different tools and workpieces can be managed separately in the human-machine interface.

The auto broach lifter, auto tool cleaner, fixture, and chip conveyor are standard accessories. Optional accessories such as broach tools, & auto loading/ unloading mechanism can be customized according to your requirement..

Broaching is a technology to cut complicated shape in one pass. The coordination of the machine, the tooling, & the fixture is crucial for making high precision products. Based on over 30 years of experience, Axisco commited itself as a turn-key broaching solution provider. Whether you are an expert or new to broaching, it is always simple to broach products in world-class quality on the machines made by Axisco.

When sending an inquiry, please provide before & after broaching drawings, we will suggest the most suitable model to you.

Compare to traditional broaching machines which run by the hydraulic system, the new table-up broaching machines are run by the electro-mechanical system. It makes significant differences in power-saving and eco-friendly aspects. There is no hydraulic oil, which makes the environment clean and easy to maintain. The motors stop when the machine is idle, which results in a 20% to 40% saving of power.


  • The machine equipped with servo motor and ball screw, consistence broaching speed, low vibration, increase tool life over 20%.
  • Compare with traditional hydraulic machine, the electrical mechanical design save over 40% electricity and keep floor clean.
  • HMI interface is convenient for operator to operate the machine and diagnose the machine.
  • Adjust the broaching speed and stroke through HMI.
  • Automatic broach tool puller & retriever for tool change.
  • No pit needed for electrical mechanical broaching machine, easy for automation.
  • The broach tool retriever will reduce the tool vibration.
  • One-piece machine enclosure meets CE safety requirement, easy to maintenance.
No. of station 1111212
Broaching forceton581015152020
Max. strokemm1000130013001600160016001600
Broaching speed(60Hz)m/min10101010101010
Return speed(60Hz)m/min24242424242424
Max. workpiece sizemmø180ø210ø225ø225ø225ø300ø300
Working table heightmm960107210721255125513001300
Main powerkw771115153030
Machine heightmm3181366138534446444647004700
Floor dimensionmm1330*25421600*26801600*26802030*26542030*26542100*25002100*2500

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