CNC Horizontal Knee-Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine

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CNC Horizontal Knee-Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine | Industrial Automation Equipment Manufacturer - AXISCO

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CNC Horizontal Knee-Type Deep Hole Drilling Machine


The machine is for making horizontal deep holes at any position in X-Y coordinate system. The hole position is set by hand wheel with linear scale.

Gundrilling, also known as deep hole drilling, is a process that produces deep, straight holes in a variety of materials. Holes depth-to-diameter ratio deeper than 20:1 generally require a dedicated gundrilling machine to achieve highest productivity and process reliability.

With more than 30 years of experience working with customers worldwide, the hole size, concentricity, surface roughness can be maintained precisely on the deep hole drilling machines made by Axisco.


  • Deep hole machining for molds, waterlines, heat and ejector pin holes, heat exchanger, hydraulic manifold, shafts and machine parts.
  • Scrap fall slip will not block tool during machining
  • The controller can be SYNTEC / FANUC / MITSUBISHI
  • Auto lubrication system.
  • Auto chip filtration system.
  • Customized design is available.
MODEL CYB-500 CYB-1200 CYB-1500
Drilling dia mm ø3~ø12/ø10~ø25(optional) ø3~ø12/ø10~ø25(optional) ø3~ø12/ø10~ø25(optional)
Drilling length mm 500 1,200 1,500
Table space mm
600*1,000 1,000*1,300 1,000*1,500
T slot   16*125*5 16*125*8 16*125*8
X axis stroke mm 600 1200 1200
Y axis stroke mm 380 380 380
Z axis stroke rmm 500 1,200 1,500
Spindle rpm rpm 1,200~6,000/400~2,500 1,200~6,000/400~2,500 1,200~6,000/400~2,500
Spindle power kw 3.75(5hp) 3.75(5hp) 3.75(5hp)
Hy. pump pressure kgs/cm2 30~100 (140 max) 30~100 (140 max) 30~100 (140 max)
Hy. pump fluid l/min 30~60 30~60 30~60
Lube tank l 600~900 600~900 800~1200
Cooling power kcal/hr 5,000~6,000/7,500 5,000~6,000/7,500 5,000~6,000/7,500
Machine height mm 2,200 2,200 2,200
Floor space mm 3,500*3,500 5,600*4,200 5,600*4,500

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