CNC Helical Broaching Machine

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High speed, high precision automation equipment for aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, hand tools, locks, & hardware industries, such as chamfering machines, broaching machines, CNC feed grinders, ball valve machines, etc.

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CNC Helical Broaching Machine


Controlled by CNC, while the table moves up, the tool rotates simultaneously to cut helical shape. This machine is made with 10 ton force and 1300 stroke. SYNTEC PC-based controller is equipped as standard, it can be changed to FANUC as per customer’s requirement.

The operator can stand on the ground to load the workpiece without stairs. Comparing with hydraulic broaching machines, the size of the table-up broaching machine is smaller, there is no power consumption when the machine is idle. Different tools and workpieces can be managed separately in the human-machine interface.

The auto broach lifter, auto tool cleaner, fixture, and chip conveyor are standard accessories. Optional accessories such as broach tools, & auto loading/ unloading mechanism can be customized according to your requirement..

Broaching is a technology to cut complicated shape in one pass. The coordination of the machine, the tooling, & the fixture is crucial for making high precision products. Based on over 30 years of experience, Axisco commited itself as a turn-key broaching solution provider. Whether you are an expert or new to broaching, it is always simple to broach products in world-class quality on the machines made by Axisco.

When sending an inquiry, please provide before & after broaching drawings, we will suggest the most suitable model to you.


  • While the table moves up, the tool rotates simultaneously to cut helical shape. All helical teeth are cut at once.
  • Full electromechanical machine with smart PC-based interface.
  • Operator can stand on the ground to load the workpiece. No need for stairs or digging a pit.
  • Broach is holded from top during broaching, the cutting vibration is reduced which result in better precision.
  • Size and height are smaller than hydraulic broaching machine
  • The broach tool lifting and cleaning are done automatically.
  • Auto loading / unloading device is available.
No. of station 111111
Broaching forcetom358101520
Max. strokemm80010001300130016001600
Helix angle°0~300~300~300~300~300~30
Broaching speed(60Hz)m/min3~7.23~7.23~7.23~7.23~7.23~7.2
Return speed(60Hz)m/min12.512.512.512.512.512.5
Max. workpiece sizemmø240ø250ø250ø300ø300ø300
Working table heightmm85010001050105011001300
Main powerkw3.8(5hp)5.6(7.5hp)7.5(10hp)11.25(15hp)18.75(25hp)30(40hp)
Machine heightmm290031003800380044504700
Floor dimemsionmm1500*21001500*21001550*21001650*21001800*22002100*2500

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