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Based in Taiwan, AXISCO PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. is one of the prime industrial automation machinery and special purpose machinery manufacturers since 1984.

High speed, high precision automation equipment for aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, hand tools, locks, & hardware industries, such as chamfering machines, broaching machines, CNC feed grinders, ball valve machines, etc.

With both advanced industrial automation turnkey solutions and 33 years of experience, AXISCO ensures that each customer's demands are met.

Broaching Turnkey Solution

What is a broaching machine?

Taiwanexcellence [CHU]

High Precision Hydraulic Internal Broaching Machine (auto loading unloading) [CHI]

High Precision Hydraulic Internal Broaching Machine (auto broach lifter) [CHI]

High Precision Table-Up Broaching Machine [CHU]

CNC Helical Broaching Machine [CHX]

High Precision Hydraulic Surface Broaching Machine - [YST]

AXISCO - Internal Broaching Machine 25 ton 1800st

AXISCO -Table-up Broaching Machine 8 ton 1300st [CHU-0813]