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AXISCO Holiday Notice Introduction

AXISCO PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in many different industries. AXISCO has been offering our customers high quality table-up broaching machinem, internal broaching machine, Surface Broaching Machine, ball valve machinery, deep hole drilling machine since 1984. With both advanced technology and 33 years experience, AXISCO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Holiday Notice

2018/04/05 AXISCO

Tomb Sweeping Day (4 day off, April 5th to April 8th )

Tomb Sweeping Day is one of the most important a traditional Chinese holiday.People commemorate and show respect their ancestors by visiting their graves and offering the food, flowers, light candles or burn incense and paper gifts.Anymore, they can sweep the tombs, remove weeds, and add fresh soil to the graves and stick stone branch on the tomb.